'The' Noah's Ark Preschool
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Enrollment Steps

If you wish to visit our preschool, call our director at

763-784-5928 for an appointment

2017-2018 School Year Program
Full Day (6.5 hours) Preschool: 9AM to 3:30PM  
~ 40 weeks - First Day Sept 5th - Last day June 8th, 2018
Half Day (2.5 hours) Preschool: morning and afternoon sessions

Extended Care: Open 7AM; Close 5:30PM

Please note:  Our 2017-2018 Full Day programs are nearly full !!!
Please call our director before you fill out our enrollment form!

Follow these steps!!!
Step 1. Click Here => Enrollment Form <= Click Here
Step 2. Create/Update PaySimple Account
must complete to be enrolled!
Step 3. Please fill out an Emergency Form if: 
  1) your child is new to our school, or
2) medical info (doctor, insurance, etc) has changed, or
3) you did not update this form within the last year
Step 4. If your child will be new to the preschool next year, 
you will need to complete these 3 forms before the 1st class!
  1) Immunization Form  even if you object to immunization shots
2) Health Care Summary

3) Agreement & Permission Form