If you have a 'current' Noah's Ark Preschool account with PaySimple, just validate the contact information especially the email address. Make sure it is an email address that you monitor daily since several emails are sent with each payment.  If you are not getting emails, your email account is probably entered incorrectly.


For new students: by following these steps, you should be successful in setting up a PaySimple account that allows the automated withdraws for Noah’s Ark registration and tuition payments.

1) Use the following link to start the process -  or

The following dialogue box will appear.

2) Click on the blue “Click Here to Pay Now

3) Fill out the top of the next form like this:

Enter $1 in the Payment Amount to make this work!!! It will be applied to your registration fee or tuition.


4) Click on ACH (eCheck)  - the screen changes to this:


5) Fill out using your Routing Number and Account Number

6) Check the default account box!

7) Fill in the Billing Address

8) Please create an account – if you do not and visit the site a few dozen times, it creates a separate named file for each of your visits.  That makes it very difficult to give you a payment statement, if you request one.

9) Click on “I accept the terms and conditions”  of course, after you read them in detail – not!

10) Then click on the “Click Here” box!

Providing this information implies that you allow Noah’s Ark Preschool to automatically withdraw registration fees and tuition payments for your child(ren).

11) You are done.


If you wish to use a credit card there will be a 2.9% fee added to your payments.  Everything is about the same except in the “Choose Payment Type” area.  But that is pretty straight forward.

Also, you can use a savings account – just select Savings under the account type drop down box on the “Choose Payment Type” area.