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'The' Noah's Ark Preschool
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2018-2019 Tuition Fees

Daily tuition rates includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack!!

Full Day Programs  Daily Fee
1 or 2 Day/Wk 3 Days/Wk 4 Days/Wk 5 Days/Wk
Preschool 9AM-3:30PM  $                40.00  $                36.00  $                32.00  $          31.00
Each Before Care Hour  Plus $7.00   Plus $6.50   Plus $6.00   Plus $5.00 
Each After Care Hour  Plus $7.00   Plus $6.50   Plus $6.00   Plus $5.00 
Half Day Programs Daily Fee
Enrolled => 1 or 2 Days/Wk 3-5 Days/Wk
Half-day Session 9AM-11:30AM or 12:30PM-3:00PM  $                19.50  $                17.25
Each Before Care Hour  Plus $7:00   Plus $6.50 
Each After Care Hour  Plus $7:00   Plus $6.50 

If you request different drop off/pick up times during the week a onetime fee of $20 will be added to the yearly tuition cost.

Mid-year changes in the child’s scheduled days or hours are allowed if class time is available but a fee of $20 may be added to the yearly tuition cost for each change beyond the first change.

Unpaid accounts may be turned over to a collection agency. If you are unable to pay your tuition on time, please contact the director to make other arrangements.

It is expected that when you register a child in preschool, it will be for the full school year.  There are no tuition reductions for illness, personal vacation, or inclement weather. If permanent withdrawal from preschool is necessary, a two-week in advance written notice is requested. If withdrawn without notice, 4 week's tuition will be charged.