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'The' Noah's Ark Preschool
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Current Year & Summer Term 2018 Tuition

During summer term, email treasurer@oslcnoahsark.com by May 28th, with a list of days your child will NOT attend due to vacations, etc. You will not be charged for those class sessions. You choose as few or as many days that you need!!

Full day tuition rates include breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack!!

Full Day Programs  Daily Fee
1 or 2 Day/Wk 3 Days/Wk 4 Days/Wk 5 Days/Wk
Preschool 9AM-3:30PM  $                40.00  $                36.00  $                32.00  $          31.00
Each Before Care Hour  Plus $7.00   Plus $6.50   Plus $6.00   Plus $5.00 
Each After Care Hour  Plus $7.00   Plus $6.50   Plus $6.00   Plus $5.00 
Half Day Programs Daily Fee
Enrolled => 1 or 2 Days/Wk 3-5 Days/Wk
Half-day Session 9AM-11:30AM or 12:30PM-3:00PM  $                19.50  $                17.25
Each Before Care Hour  Plus $7:00   Plus $6.50 
Each After Care Hour  Plus $7:00   Plus $6.50 


If you request different drop off/pick up times during the week a onetime fee of $20 will be added to the yearly tuition cost.

Mid-year changes in the child’s scheduled days or hours are allowed if class time is available but a fee of $20 may be added to the yearly tuition cost for each change beyond the first change.

Unpaid accounts may be turned over to a collection agency. If you are unable to pay your tuition on time, please contact the director to make other arrangements.

It is expected that when you register a child in preschool, it will be for the full school year.  There are no tuition reductions for illness, personal vacation, or inclement weather.  If permanent withdrawal from preschool is necessary, a two-week in advance written notice is requested. If withdrawn without notice, 4 week's tuition will be charged.