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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Calculation

The 'total' preschool year tuition, beginning September and ending early June is divided by 40 to create an average weekly tuition rate.  Summer tuition is calculated in the same way and divided by the number of summer weeks (usually 12).

Yearly tuition is calculated for each child based on:

  1. The total number of class days selected by the parent and
  2. Daily rates based on parent selected drop off/pick up times.

Thus, you are charged only for the class sessions occurring on the days YOU select!

Payments for more than one child will be combined.  

There is 3% off if yearly tuition is paid in full before August 28th.

There is 10% off tuition for second attending (concurrently) child (lower tuition) from the same family. 

If your tuition payment is under $80, Noah’s Ark Preschool reserves the right to collect a payment on a less frequent schedule. i.e. if your payment is $80 per week, a payment may be collected every other week (bi-weekly).  Payments less than $80 per bi-week may be collected monthly.

If you request different drop off/pick up times during the week a onetime fee of $20 will be added to the yearly tuition cost.

Mid-year changes in the child’s scheduled days or hours are allowed if class time is available but a fee of $20 may be added to the remaining yearly tuition cost for each change beyond the first change.

On June 28th or about one week after enrollment (whichever is later), a down payment will be charged against your PaySimple pre-authorized account. Down payments are $160 for full day students and $80 for half day students.  If you enroll and then withdraw your child after July 31st, this down payment amount is NOT refundable

The tuition payments will be deducted from your bank account or credit card starting on Saturday before the first week of school. Please note: your withdrawals are NOT paying for the next week of preschool.  You are paying for 1/40th of the entire preschool year!

Payments returned for non-sufficient funds or the equivalent, will be resubmitted with an additional fee of $20 for the first time, $25 for the second time, $30 for the third time, etc..

Registration Fee and Tuition

Since the use of pre-authorized withdrawal is automatic and therefore not prone to human errors or omissions, there are two approved methods of payment:

  1. Pre-authorized check/savings withdrawal, or 
  2. Pre-authorized credit card withdrawal with a 2.9% surcharge fee.

Next Step!! Signup for automated withdrawals via this link

The non-refundable registration fee ($55 for half day students or $70 for full day students) may be processed within 48 hours after registration.  Once the registration fee is received, your child is enrolled at Noah's Ark!

Tuition Rates